Lane Closure Service

Suresafe offers a specialized Lane Closure Service designed for sites requiring lane closures and intricate traffic control scenarios.

With this service, Suresafe deploys its most seasoned Traffic Control Persons along with dedicated lane closure trucks to comprehensively address site-specific traffic control needs. Our team assesses the requirements, plans the day's control measures, and delivers expert traffic control services.

Our Lane Closure Trucks come equipped with a standardized set of signs, cones, and equipment, enabling effective management of traffic in up to four directions. For sites with greater complexity, we can provide multiple lane closure trucks or a combination of Lane Closure Service and Traffic Control Person service to ensure thorough coverage.

Lanesafe's Lane Closure Service is available 24/7, ready to respond swiftly to emergencies and trouble calls.

To book our services of a Traffic Control Personnel contact:

Phone: 778-772-2399
Phone available 24/7

For Quotation:

Phone: 778-878-4914