About US


Lanesafe provides traffic control services in the Lower Mainland and South Interior of British Columbia.

Our Company


Established in January of 2018, Lanesafe began offering traffic management and control services to clients in March of that same year.

Lanesafe provides traffic control services on a day ahead dispatchable and emergency call out basis and has supported over 50 companies including construction contractors, municipalities, utilities and film producers.

Service Area

Providing traffic control in the Lower Mainland and South Interior of British Columbia.

What we Do Best



We keep our employees, clients and the public safe in everything we do.

Lanesafe is committed to protecting the health and safety of all workers in our office, properties and project sites. All levels of management recognize that workers have the right to work in a safe and healthy work environment. 

Our company understands the importance of pro-actively addressing worker health and safety and identifying and controlling worksite hazards. We are dedicated to implementing health and safety solutions, practices, procedures and recommendations that are reasonable and practicable for our workers, subcontractors and clients.


When we take a work order we complete that work order.

Lanesafe understands that reliable subcontractors are critical to the progress of your projects. When you book with us, we commit to be there on the day and at the time you need us. Each day we ensure our commitments are met and that you experience a seamless service. Our Dispatch line is available 24/7 to respond when you need them.


We are trained, certified and experienced in what we do.

Lanesafe employs only BCCSA certified Traffic Control Persons (TCPs) to ensure that crews are knowledgeable and can deal with any traffic control requirements. Our TCPs have First Aid OFA level 1 and client provided training where required.